7 Most Expensive Ancient Money in the World

Your money is a legal payment instrument in many parts of the world, its own money and nominal are issued by each legal authority holder in a country. As time goes by, there has been a transfer of money from both paper and coin / metal. Usually changes are carried out every year.

For information this time you will understand that there are a number of old-fashioned money with expensive prices that can even cost billions of rupiah. The factor that causes ancient money to be expensive is certainly the most diverse, including thanks to scarcity, historical coincidence, mistakes in printing and of course the year the money was issued. Usually it gets older, so the price of the money will be more expensive.

Even this ancient money was favored to be collected by ancient money (numismatic) collectors. Besides being able to flow hobbies, it turns out that even when collecting ancient money is one of the promising investments, this is because the price of ancient money is getting more expensive and getting higher each year. Here are 7 kono money that is familiar with the most expensive prices in the world.

1794/5 Flowing hair silver / copper dollars ($ 10 Million / Rp. 135 Billion)

This is a dollar currency coin issued by the U.S. Federal government. In 1794 and 1795. Coins consisted of 10 percent copper and 90 percent silver printed by U.S. Federal Printers. newly established. This coin is a historical memento that is worth more than the value of his face. In January 2013, a 1794 dollar coin was marketed for $ 10 million, this is the most expensive ancient money price in world history. Throughout its history, 1794 dollar coins have been felt among the world’s rarest coins and very valuable coins in the world.

1933 Double Eagle ($ 7.6 million / Rp 103 billion)

This coin has a fairly expensive price because it is known by historical prevalence, Elang Ganda 1933, was suppressed but was never publicly excluded. Franklin D. Roosevelt did not allow someone to have gold in 1933 in an attempt to resolve the banking crisis that hit the US at that time. Twenty slipped clean, though, and deserves far less than their $ 20 face value.

Double eagle 1933 is a 20 US dollar gold coin. Although this coin was printed in 1933, it was not released to the public. This coin becomes the rarest because it is known that now there are only 13 in the world and only one coin that belongs to a private individual. In 2002, this metal money was the most expensive ancient money in the world for a fee of US $ 7.59.

1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle ($ 7.6 million / Rp 103 billion)

The coin design produced by Augustus Saint-Gaudens was deliberately designed intricately and proved to be too difficult for the US to be produced in commercial quantities, resulting in modifications. Instead of getting rid of anything from Charles Barber design, Saint-Gaudens, the primary sculptor of Mint, choose to issue the word “In God We Trust” from the coin. Although the coin was successfully made extensively, it is now the rarest. That way the price of ancient money also becomes high and expensive. No wonder if this coin became among the most expensive ancient money at this time.

1787 Brasher Doubloon ($ 7.4 million / Rp. 100 billion)

Ephraim Brasher was a talented goldsmith who presented a petition to New York State to print a new copper coin in 1787. However, the state legislature did not expect Brasher’s work, and did not expect copper coins. Brasher neglected the country’s decision and constantly put together coins, especially in bronze – but not much in the 22 carat gold. One of them is doubloon purchased by Wall Street investment company equivalent to $ 7.4 million.

1343 Edward III Florida ($ 6.8 million / Rp 92 billion)

This money is best known for its most expensive price where this money was printed in 1343 which was very stage and valuable. This is one of three coins that are known to last for centuries. Only three of these coins are known to exist: two were found on the River Tyne in 1857, and one was discovered in January 2006. The last coin was marketed at an auction in July 2006 with the record price of the most expensive ancient money from England.

2007 C $ 1M Coin ($ 4.1 million / Rp. 55 Billion)

A coin weighing 100kg is the rarest thing. This coin is exclusively printed by the Royal Canadian Mint and is made from pure gold (99.99 percent), no wonder if this coin reaches a price of $ 4.1 million or for 55 billion rupiah when the auction is held. This also makes it among the most expensive coins in the world.

1804 Silver Dollar, Class l ($ 3.8 million / Rp. 51 billion)

The most expensive ancient money in the world next is 1804 silver dollar class I, silver 1804 dollar was actually not printed in 1804. On the contrary, this coin was then printed 30 years later as a mixture when imaging the dollar as a gift for Asian rulers over trade messenger traffic. This coin is marketed by auction Heritage Auctions, and sold at the most expensive price of $ 3.7 million or 51 billion rupiah at auction in May 2008.