Coins for the World Cup 2018: Types of Coins, Where to Buy and How Much They Cost

The Central Bank issued commemorative coins for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This uncommon event causes close attention not only among the inhabitants of our country, but also of the whole world.

Coins for the World Cup 2018

Such sports events are always accompanied by a large influx of tourists who want not only to watch the games of their football teams, but also to keep something to remember the bright event. And what may be better suited for such a case than buying valuable coins with a thematic image. This become a collectible items for people who strongly fans of this coin, either a collector or some online gambling player, usually we called Sportsbook.

And, of course, the release of a specialized series of coins will not leave indifferent numismatists. In addition to coins, the Bank of Russia issued a vertical and fully polymer 100-ruble banknote on May 22, 2018. The circulation of bills is limited, as it is intended as a souvenir.

Recall that the sporting battles of the football championship will be held in the arenas of 11 Russian cities. The grand opening of the championship and the final part of the sporting event will take place at the metropolitan stadium in Luzhniki. Semifinal matches will take St. Petersburg and Moscow.

It is the cities and their symbols that are depicted on investment and memorable banknotes. And of course in the center of the picture: the figures of football players and the FIFA Cup itself, for which the strongest teams of the world will fight.

By the way, Alfa Bank – the official representative of FIFA, offers interesting cards, both debit and credit, dedicated to this event. FIFA Alfa Bank cards allow you to save points that can be redeemed for FIFA 2018 World Cup tickets, as well as sports accessories and prizes, or for money.

Coin Release Information
To the sporting event, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued coins for the 2018 World Cup to the following types:

  • investment – coins made of gold and silver with the image of the FIFA Cup;
  • commemorative of precious metals – coins are divided into two series: Confederations Cup and World Championship. Made of gold and silver;
  • commemorative of non-precious metals – coins made of copper-nickel alloy, part of the coins issued in limited edition in a special design with a color image. All coins feature the FIFA World Cup.

All coins on the obverse indicate the year 2018, except for those devoted to the Confederations Cup – “2017” is applied on their surface.

Investment coins


Investment coin The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia made of gold in its physical parameters is completely identical to the investment coin George the Victorious:

  • face value – 50 rubles;
  • quality – uncirculated (AC);
  • metal – gold 999/1000;
  • total mass of the coin – 7.89 g;
  • content of chemically pure metal 7.78 g;
  • diameter – 22.6 mm, thickness – 1.6 mm;
  • catalog number: 5216-0112;
  • Release date: 12/21/2016.

On the reverse of the coin is the relief Cup of the FIFA World Cup, and on the right is the inscription in five lines: “FIFA WORLD FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 IN RUSSIA”.

On the obverse of the coin is the emblem of Russia with a semicircular inscription: Russian Federation. The parameters of the coin (metal, denomination, standard, issuer) are also indicated. Year of manufacture specified 2018.

The coin was manufactured at the St. Petersburg Mint (SPMD), with a circulation of 100,000. It is also similar in physical terms with the Belarusian investment coin Slavyanka.


Silver Coin Football 2018 is identical to the silver coin George the Victorious and differs only in the image:

  • face value – 3 rubles;
  • quality – uncirculated (AC);
  • metal – silver 999/1000;
  • total mass of the coin – 31.50 g;
  • the content of chemically pure metal 31.1 g;
  • diameter – 39 mm, thickness – 3.1 mm;
  • catalog number: 5111-0349;
  • Release date – 12/21/2016.

Silver and gold investment coin images are the same.

Investment coins issued in honor of the World Cup 2018, look ordinary. Investment Olympic coins in honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 were much more interesting – rectangular, in the form of ingots.

Coins Football 2018 precious metals
Coins for the World Cup 2018 of precious metals were issued in two series: the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, in two metals: silver and gold, quality proof.

Confederations Cup
In honor of the Confederations Cup held in Russia in 2017, the Bank of Russia issued commemorative coins.

The coins are made by the St. Petersburg Mint. On the obverse are depicted: the denomination of the coin, the date – 2017, the physical characteristics, the trademark of the mint and the Russian national emblem.

On the back, according to the description of the Bank of Russia: “FIFA Confederations Cup against the background of an ornament consisting of elements reflecting Russian culture and folklore heritage, as well as the football world, at the bottom there is an inscription – FIFA 2017 CONFEDERATIONS CUP”

gold coin

A gold coin has the following characteristics:

  • face value – 50 rubles;
  • sample – 999;
  • the mass of the precious metal in purity is 7.78 g;
  • diameter is 22.6 mm;
  • catalog number 5216-0111;
  • release date – 12/21/2016;
  • circulation – 5,000 pieces.

Silver coin

A silver coin has the following characteristics:

  • face value – 3 rubles;
  • sample – 925;
  • the mass of the precious metal in purity is 31.1 g;
  • diameter is 39 mm;
  • catalog number 5111-0348;
  • release date – 12/21/2016;
  • circulation – 10,000 pieces.