Terrific Hunting For Souvenir Coins, Because The Trump-Kim Summit Was Canceled

The Trump-Kim summit did not happen – but this business actually catapulted the charm of coins that were specially created as souvenirs of the event.

Quite confusing, that there are two coins that were created as markers of this event.

But the main spotlight was on coins created by the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) communications agency – which welcomed the planned summit between President Trump and the ‘Supreme Leader’ (North Korea) Kim Jong-un. Such coins are often handed over to all foreign guests and diplomats.

There is another coin that is eye-catching on the White House souvenir shop website. This coin shows the silhouette of Trump, Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The popularity of this coin is soaring and demand continues to appear on the website.

The coin was offered at a discounted price of $ 19.95 (Rp.270,000), down from the previous price of $ 24.95 (Rp350,000) on Thursday morning, and the gift shop also offered refunds if the summit did not occur.

But it is said that, “most people write that they still expect the souvenirs of this historic political meeting, regardless of what the results will be.”

It seems that it is.

BBC correspondent Anthony Zurcher writes WHCA coins can be a ‘1084 dollar chip’ in the numismatic field – referring to a series of coins created for diplomatic souvenirs in the 1800s which now have spectacularly high prices.

WHCA coin making is not according to President Trump’s orders or his team – but still paves the way for some people to abuse him online.

Could it be that President Trump has delivered half of the coin made to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a love confession, as the former Pentagon spokesman Adam Blickstein said?

Did the coin actually help North Korean leader Kim Jong-un become the winner in this condition?

The business was even more excited when writer Brian Krassenstein wrote that President Trump could display the coin “on the side of his fake Time cover” – referring to the Washington Post report that Trump’s golf clubs displayed duplicates of Time magazine’s fake cover which seemed to show positive headlines with Trump’s picture as the cover.

One user of social media writes that coin can be another technique for Trump to raise his business empire.

Whether the president will use the coins to fulfill people, asked Paul Ryckert who posted a portrait of the president in a position staring at the young grass trimmer entrepreneur Frank Giaccio.

Giaccio is an 11-year-old boy who once wrote a letter to the president, asking him to be able to cut grass in the White House.

Or the coins will chase their own way leading to the global auction site, eBay, as stated by former Obama Obama chief strategist David Axelrod.

However, not all people see the coin funny, after all interesting.

North Korean observer Robert Kelly has previously written that the coin legitimizes ‘personal cult’ of Kim Jong-un and ‘not American.’

Responding to such criticism and criticism the White House issued a statement writing that they “did not submit any input to the design of the coin”.