The Unique and Strange Collection of Currencies in The World

Money is a medium of exchange that has felt a long history.

Each country certainly has every currency that is used as a payment instrument. However, sometimes some funds look surprising and have significant fractions. Currency is always unique to discuss. One of them is an astonishing and exciting currency in the world.

10 Dollars, Cook Island

The currency of the money on Cook Island, New Iceland, which depicts a non-dressed woman riding a shark. The eyes of this money can only be used in the Cook Islands to be issued to commemorate the customs of Polynesia.

50 Kaneek, Belarus

The 50 Kaneek denominations produced in 1992 were also unique. Because the Belarusian currency uses squirrel fauna as its design.

10 Dollars, Australia

These 10 Australian dollars in money use a picture of Mary Gilmore, an Australian writer. Ironically, after being printed in 2012, not a few Australians could not recognize who the figures were in the money.

20,000 Rupiah, Indonesia

Certainly, not a few are wondering, what’s interesting about the eyes is Rp. 20,000? This currency pictured with Ki Hajar Dewantara has pale green colors and face illustrations. That turned out to be the one that gave an interesting impression in the eyes of the international population.

These 20,000 denominations are often used as minimum money for various subscriptions, for example music streaming subscriptions, premium manga streaming or registration in online soccer bets such as YukBola. As an Agen Bola Resmi in Indonesia, YukBola provides a very low minimum deposit of twenty thousand rupiah to be able to directly play sportsbook and online casino.

500 Mongolian Tugrik

Mata Tugrik’s money from Mongolia issued a different coin in 2007. The reason is that former US President John F Kennedy pictured the 500-dollar bill. Why, why can the former US President be displayed in the eyes of other countries? Not only that, but the coin also has a button which if pressed will publish the voice of JFK’s familiar speech when in West Germany entitled “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Until now it was unknown what was the reason the Mongolian state created the coin.

5 Pound Sterling, New Ireland

The currency of this one is unique from the others, the currency of this money is one of the funds originating from the New Irish Country which portrays the famous former Manchester United football, George West.

100 Trillion of Zimbabwe

This currency is one of the most surprising and exciting in the world where the currency of this money has a reasonably large nominal. If in Indonesia the most significant currency is IDR 100,000, Zimbabwe has a fraction of funds up to 100 trillion dollars. The money fragment was printed in 2009 due to the high inflation occurring in the country. As a result of rising inflation, not a few teachers and health workers went on strike until the $ 100 trillion bills came out.

20,000 Zaire, Zaire Republic

The Republic of Zaire which now has the name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has published a different currency. In 1997, President Joseph Mobutu was overthrown. The face of the former president was eliminated in all his money. But the impact of the financial crisis hit, Zaire was then unable to print new money. They finally concluded to use their money by shaving Mobutu’s face.