This Unique Items Has Been Used As a Substitute for Money

Has it ever occurred to us how ancient people worked on buying and selling transactions before the money had been made like today?

Right, by barter. However, along with the development of human needs, the system of exchanging goods directly encountered obstacles. To overcome this, a money system for products is used.

The money system for goods is used after the barter era and before the money system. The function is actually like money today. It’s just that the shape is not a specially created item for example shells, salt, weapons, etc. In essence, the criteria for the money for goods must be favored or needed by residents. As well as of course accepted by society in general.

Items that have been used as a substitute for money

The next development of the money system was created. This system did overcome problems with the barter system and the money supply system. However, there are still specific regions that have returned to the goods money system again. In other words, they use certain items instead of money.
The reason they did the business varied. Among these are the causes of the economic downturn, the presence of expensive goods so that not a few people are interested, the emergence of different goods is more familiar with the money itself, etc. Well, the objects in question are as follows.


This happened on Yap Island, Micronesia. Residents there once made certain types of stone carved in such a way as to be used as a trading transaction to replace money. For now, these stones are no longer valid. However, the place has become an attractive tourist location for many people.

The stones have different sizes. There are large, medium and small. However, the determination of value/price is not just by volume but is witnessed from the type of material, uniqueness, and history of its manufacture as well. Please note, the manufacturing process is not easy. Several times even claimed the victim. The fewer victims, the higher the price.

Tea bricks

The event that this item was used as a substitute for money occurred in the districts of China and Mongolia. Precisely used until the beginning of the second world war. At that time, the use of tea bricks as a transaction tool was less used by people than the use of coins. Why is that? What is the reason?

Apparently because at that time, there, the price of the most expensive tea had the most significant surge. Besides, this item can be used as medicine. Why can the shape be checkered? It was the land from tea planting that was created using a mold.

Canadian tire money

Canadian tire money is just a coupon. The output coupons between Canadian companies that occurred in 1992 were obtained from a retail market that sells electronics, accessories and automotive goods. Anyone who purchases goods there will get it.

Over time, this method turned out to be the most famous. Sangken famous, other Canadian companies also receive the coupon as a means of payment in addition to money as usual.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

This happened in Italy. Parmigiano Reggiano is a type of cheese that was used as a substitute for special money there. This cheese is not just any cheese because the fermentation process takes two years. Only this type of cheese can be made money there, not other types of cheese.

This began when the country felt an economic downturn. With that argument, the bank receives cheese from the customer as payment. During the event, a bank reportedly collected 17 thousand tons of cheese. If cash, the total will reach the US $ 187.5 million.

Cover the bottle

In one region of the Continent of Africa, precisely the State of Cameroon, bottle caps can be used to make purchases like money. However, only cheap items can. For expensive items, ordinary money must be included.

This can take place starting when a company markets its product by including a gift written on the bottle cap. The types of prizes vary and are most interesting. After a while, not a few different companies followed the same thing. That’s what makes the bottle caps there valuable.


Don’t be surprised if similar things happen in Indonesia. Among the regions, precisely Sumber Duren Village, Probolinggo, vegetables, and livestock products can be used as a device to pay for electricity.

The inhabited area is not more than 600 families get electricity from PT. National Gas Company (Persero) Tbk. As an aid so as not to burden the citizens, the PT receives payments using agricultural products.

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency

Last year back in 2018, Virtual Currency is skyrocketing across the world. Nowadays, we can see a lot of virtual currency used in every single aspect of life, Online Games, E-Commerce, and even in Gambling Sites. Taking a high leap and become the most important key through the modern trading system.

Ever since Online Gaming booming in 2014, many gaming sites adopting this system as soon as they can, they use Virtual Currency as their tools to simplify the trading for micro transaction. The system itself is similar to playing Online Games, where users need to exchange their Real Money into Virtual Money and use it to play the games. Virtual Currency reign as the King in a lot of Online Trading system, not only in Online Games and Online Gambling sites.

Modernization pushes evolution further and further. The trading system keeps getting tinkered at it’s best to always keep up with the technology that embraces us to use the simpler and mobile system. In the next few years, Virtual Currency’s development will be the main show for Digital World.