Here’s How to Sell Ancient Money Directly & Online

Speaking of money, of course, not infrequently there are new models every period that is printed replacing the old money model.

Usually, if a new version has been published, the public cannot wait to have it soon. Old-fashioned money also began to be abandoned. Some people exchange it for new models, and some save it.

Not just a collection, but a belief when ancient money has a high selling value, higher than its nominal. Sure enough, now not a few collectors dig old money by offering extraordinary prices and even touch hundreds of millions. In general, the technique of selling ancient money has two ways, namely (A) Selling Directly, and (B) Selling Online.

For those of you who have a collection of old-fashioned money and want to sell it, as follows the ancient money selling technique reviews:

  1. Selling directly

Selling ancient money directly is the best solution because you can know the buyer instantly. This can also minimize fraud. And of course, negotiations can be held well and safely. If you live in Semarang, you can sell it to the Klithikan market in the old city area.

This market is the location of hunting antiques and antiques all collectors. If you are in Jakarta, just come to the area to buy goods at Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. As for those living in solo cities, you can sell them on the Saturday Karanganyar market.

  1. Selling online

In addition to selling it directly in exclusive markets, buying and selling antiques, other ancient money selling techniques, namely the online system. You can advertise by uploading old-fashioned money that will be marketed on the online buying and selling site or marketplaces like Bukalapak, Lazada, Olx, Kopkopedia, and other well-known marketplaces.

The trick, download the online trading software from your Google Playstore or smartphone app store. Then register using an email, mobile number, or facebook account. After the recording is complete, upload the items and explain the things that you will sell.

The high and low value of ancient money depends on many factors such as conditions, scarcity of goods, and so on. Here are the specifications of ancient money that assess the selling price of ancient money:

  • Increasingly rare

The main factor that provoked the amount and the technique of selling money was the scarcity. The rarer and the more antique the goods, the higher the selling price. Because of the scarcity and oddity is the attraction for collectors.

  • Money quality and situation

The quality and condition of ancient money are also dominant towards its selling value. If there are stains or scratches on ancient money, the selling value can below. To make the money situation good, you need to work on reconditioning by putting pressure so that the smooth folds in the old money are gone.

If there are stains, you can also wash using special liquid, so the stain is gone. But when the transaction, you need to inform that the ancient money has been carried out reconditioning with the quality destination maintained.

  • Variations in ancient money

The difference in question is the serial number of beautiful old money. Besides the old-fashioned money, the beautiful serial number variations on ordinary money can attract collectors to buy them at high prices.

For those who want to make ancient money transactions, you need to pay attention to the quality and situation of the money or called grading. The national bank note society has set its standard grading and has several types such as almost uncirculated, uncirculated, fine, very fine, extremely fine, fair, very good, and poor.

Well, that’s the old money selling technique that you can do. Before starting the transaction, it’s good to know in advance the quality and situation of money or grading are worth selling so that collectors pursue your ancient money.