Time is Money!

In 2006, every resident living in one of the poorest countries in the world was a trillionaire! The poor country is Zimbabwe. The people in Zimbabwe have so much cash that they start to spend it. That happened because the Zimbabwean Government began printing so much money in such a short time. Prices began to increase dramatically, for example, the price of bread that became very expensive for one billion dollars in just a few hours!


The Zimbabwean government even prints one trillion dollars in a banknote that makes everyone in Zimbabwe a trillionaire, or rather a worthless trillionaire! Before the invention of the term money, people used to barter to get what they wanted, doing it directly by exchanging goods for goods.

Say that A needs a pair of shoes and has pure milk where B needs a bottle of pure milk and has a pair of shoes. To get what they both need, the A and B are willing to barter for the items they have; thus, the transaction is successful. Then what if person B needs is not a bottle of pure milk, but the A still needs a pair of shoes from B? It can be ascertained that the transaction will not succeed; it is most likely to occur coercion or fight.

Seeing a variety of worse conditions that might occur then over time, all people around the world agree with a solution that is named money – which is used as a means of payment. If it’s like this, then we can all exchange goods and services we have for money, we just need to adjust how much money the prospective buyer needs to pay for these goods and services.

However, this has shifted in the 21st century – we are exchanging our time with money! So each amount of money you earn each month is an illustration of how much time you have spent. Simply put, every time you spend money to buy an item, then that is the same as you give part of the time in your life to get the item.

Why is that? Because in the end, your life is a limited amount of time every day. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, and 12 months a year! Before you spend money, just say Rp 100,000 for every meal out with friends, and assume one hour you make Rp 20,000 – ask yourself after that if you are willing to exchange 5 hours of your life for just one meal out with friends your friends?


The above illustration is a simple example, and the point is that our time is so valuable. Time is as valuable as money, even more, valuable because time is irrevocable. By starting to think like that, you will definitely slowly change the bad habits I used to do too often – wasting money on consumptive things that are not useful and wasting valuable time with “toxic” people. Well, the choice is yours. 😀

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