Turning Failure Into Success, Jack Ma

When talking about e-commerce or online business, we are definitely reminded of Amazon and eBay. These names are places where most people spend time shopping or just looking for products to buy. However, there are still internet giants who have larger users than the total of Amazon and eBay users, and he is Alibaba.


Alibaba is a Chinese version of Amazon that combines the functions of eBay and Paypal with 500 million users every month. Alibaba is the largest e-commerce website in the world. The founder of this giant internet company is Jack Ma! Jack Ma’s success story is truly very interesting and inspiring. Jack Ma’s life journey is so twisted, and he has gone through so many failures in his life, maybe more than the number of failures of people in general. Facing the fact that we failed is definitely a sad thing.

Jack Ma

When talking about the internet tycoon, the picture that usually comes to people’s minds is that he is a genius and has been familiar with computer and internet technology since he was young and had a unique idea that ultimately resulted in luck. Maybe in some cases, true, but these things do not apply to Jack Ma. When he started building Alibaba, he had no experience using computers or the internet.

But what distinguishes him from most people is that he can learn from his failures and rise. No matter how bad the failures we’ve all been through, I think what Jack Ma went through is far worse. First, he could not graduate from elementary school because he did not pass the exam, and he could only graduate after trying for the third time. That was still the beginning because soon after he graduated from school, he struggled to get into university.

More than three years of trying, Jack Ma failed the entrance exam and could not continue his education to the university level. In fact, Jack Ma applied to enter Harvard Business School, yes he did apply to Harvard, not just once or twice but ten times! Guess what happened? He was rejected every time he applied, yes ten applications were rejected! Maybe someone else would have given up if he was in his position, but Jack Ma didn’t. Think about it, you wasted three years just to get into university, and every time you tried to enter, you were rejected! Surely we all will be sad right.


While there, Jack Ma is also looking for a job. He applied to be the station’s local police, and I think you must know how the story ends. He was rejected! According to Jack Ma, he had applied to 30 different types of jobs, and all applications were rejected. However, the worst rejection experienced by Jack Ma was when he applied to KFC. There were 24 applicants interviewed at KFC. 23 of the 24 applicants were accepted except for one person, namely Jack Ma.

Jack Ma

Imagine what struggles he had gone through, count how many rejections he had experienced, and in fact, those rejections were enough for him to give up on life. Fortunately, he was able to enter an ordinary university and graduate. At that time, he could get a job and become a teacher even though his salary was not satisfying at all, around $ 10 dollars a month. The value of $ 10 dollars per month is not the amount of salary you expect at all right.

Yes, the salary is only $ 10 per month, not $ 10 per hour. Of course, that amount of money was simply not enough to pay for his life. Therefore Jack Ma obtains additional income from trying various types of businesses. Unfortunately, none of the businesses have succeeded. He went from one failure to another failure.

In 1995, Jack Ma visited the United States, where he was introduced for the first time on the internet. Jack Ma’s visit to the United States made his life change. Jack Ma felt like he saw something magical because he had never seen anything like that before in his life. Previously, he had just learned how to operate a computer and immediately realized the huge potential of the internet when it was introduced.

He tried to find out everything about China on the internet but did not find any general information that he wanted. That’s when he decided to release the China Yellow Pages to enlighten people about China in the new world of the internet. Comparing with his previous projects where he failed miserably, this time, the project was quite successful, and he began to earn money from the project.

However, Jack Ma’s ambitions do not stop there. He realized that the future of the business would be on the internet, so in 1999 he launched another website called Alibaba.com. He chose this name because he felt Alibaba was easy to remember and was also the first Chinese e-commerce website. Things that happen aren’t as cool as they sound. People at that time really did not understand what the internet was, so they did not believe it.

Therefore, in order to make people believe that Alibaba is a reliable place to sell goods online, Jack Ma tries to shop for his own needs whatever they sell on his website. It happens when everything goes slowly. It came to a point where people realized that they could actually sell anything on Alibaba, everyone entered, and Alibaba.com did not take long to gain popularity.

Jack Ma

Despite rapid growth, Alibaba did not print revenue for the first three years! Especially when the internet business bubble was trending in 2001, people began to lose trust in internet companies, and thousands of them went bankrupt. Fortunately, Alibaba has survived these difficult times. As conditions became more conducive, Alibaba continued to show increasingly significant growth.

Unmitigated, the value of Alibaba’s business valuation is almost $ 500 billion dollars and is expected to grow to $ 1 trillion dollars by 2020. The greater Alibaba, Jack Ma’s wealth, also swelled Jack Ma’s net worth of $ 41 billion as of June 2018.

The moral of the story is that you will never fail if you don’t stop struggling. Jack Ma has tried continuously, and he does not give up when he is not accepted into the university of his dreams. He doesn’t give up every time he is turned down by the companies he is applying for. In fact, he started building Alibaba when he was 35 years old. For him, success does not look at age. You can reap success even at a young age.

So, if you are 25 years old and stuck in a job that you hate, then do not ever think that it is too late for you to start.

Remember, failure is a choice. As long as you keep going and fighting, there is no such thing as failure, and you will definitely succeed in the end.

Now it’s your turn, what is your worst failure? Please share your experience in the comments column below!

The Unique and Strange Collection of Currencies in The World

Money is a medium of exchange that has felt a long history.

Each country certainly has every currency that is used as a payment instrument. However, sometimes some funds look surprising and have significant fractions. Currency is always unique to discuss. One of them is an astonishing and exciting currency in the world.

10 Dollars, Cook Island

The currency of the money on Cook Island, New Iceland, which depicts a non-dressed woman riding a shark. The eyes of this money can only be used in the Cook Islands to be issued to commemorate the customs of Polynesia.

50 Kaneek, Belarus

The 50 Kaneek denominations produced in 1992 were also unique. Because the Belarusian currency uses squirrel fauna as its design.

10 Dollars, Australia

These 10 Australian dollars in money use a picture of Mary Gilmore, an Australian writer. Ironically, after being printed in 2012, not a few Australians could not recognize who the figures were in the money.

20,000 Rupiah, Indonesia

Certainly, not a few are wondering, what’s interesting about the eyes is Rp. 20,000? This currency pictured with Ki Hajar Dewantara has pale green colors and face illustrations. That turned out to be the one that gave an interesting impression in the eyes of the international population.

These 20,000 denominations are often used as minimum money for various subscriptions, for example music streaming subscriptions, premium manga streaming or registration in online soccer bets such as YukBola. As an Agen Bola Resmi in Indonesia, YukBola provides a very low minimum deposit of twenty thousand rupiah to be able to directly play sportsbook and online casino.

500 Mongolian Tugrik

Mata Tugrik’s money from Mongolia issued a different coin in 2007. The reason is that former US President John F Kennedy pictured the 500-dollar bill. Why, why can the former US President be displayed in the eyes of other countries? Not only that, but the coin also has a button which if pressed will publish the voice of JFK’s familiar speech when in West Germany entitled “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Until now it was unknown what was the reason the Mongolian state created the coin.

5 Pound Sterling, New Ireland

The currency of this one is unique from the others, the currency of this money is one of the funds originating from the New Irish Country which portrays the famous former Manchester United football, George West.

100 Trillion of Zimbabwe

This currency is one of the most surprising and exciting in the world where the currency of this money has a reasonably large nominal. If in Indonesia the most significant currency is IDR 100,000, Zimbabwe has a fraction of funds up to 100 trillion dollars. The money fragment was printed in 2009 due to the high inflation occurring in the country. As a result of rising inflation, not a few teachers and health workers went on strike until the $ 100 trillion bills came out.

20,000 Zaire, Zaire Republic

The Republic of Zaire which now has the name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has published a different currency. In 1997, President Joseph Mobutu was overthrown. The face of the former president was eliminated in all his money. But the impact of the financial crisis hit, Zaire was then unable to print new money. They finally concluded to use their money by shaving Mobutu’s face.

How to Find the Perfect 100 Clay Chips Collection for Your Husband

Have we ever wondered how the technique of finding the perfect collection of 100 Clay Poker Chips for your husband? If so, you will get use of the information contained in the gift purchase instructions.

If our husband likes to play so many games like Poker, or if he likes to collect Clay Poker Chips, there could be that a set of chips would be a spectacular gift that he would save for years to come. Here, I will elaborate on a number of basic tools that have been successful when it comes to holidays, and other gifts.

Step 1:

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama picked up the office of the President of the United States as the first black American in all history. If your husband is this personal fan, you might like to understand that there is a Clay Poker Chips Set that celebrates Barack Obama’s appointment.

this is called “President Barack Obama 100pc 1.5g Poker Chip Set with Case”. This set is equipped with the very aesthetic Clay Poker Chips that show President Obama’s images with white, blue and red chips. This case consists of wood and has information relating to the inauguration outside. This is an aesthetic collection of artisan collections that your husband might enjoy for holidays, birthdays, birthdays, or just a hint of your love!

Step 2:

If your husband is a fan of the World Poker Tour Series, he can feel the 100 Clay Poker Chips Set from this series. There are a number of “World Poker Tour 11.5g Clay-Filled Poker Chips” offered on the market today. Our husband can feel playing with the same chip that is used by many players from the series. These players belong to Mr. Le, Nick Schulman, Jonathan Little, Doyle Brunson, and others! What better technique to write “I love you!”

Step 3:

If your husband feels the casino scene, or always wants to visit a casino, you might consider “Casino Chip Hot Cyclone Paulson Pharaoh Set with Wood Casing”. This is the 100 most popular Clay Poker Chips Set for many reasons. First, the chip has an inlay that describes “Pharaoh’s Club & Casino”.

Furthermore, it appears with a very aesthetic wooden box that has a number of compartments to the point that our husband can alienate all the Poker Accessories needed to win his game. You will also pursue that the set is equipped with a number of decks of playing cards, and not just one dice, but five separate dice! Our husband must have felt this set of aesthetics and practicalities!

Step 4:

When choosing the perfect 100 Clay Poker Chips collection for your husband, it is urgent to compare his taste with the set. It is also important to consider the amount of funds we have to spend on the prize. Last but not the least, consider whether your husband will really play with the chip, or whether he will take it. Once we consider all of these considerations, you might be able to easily catch the perfect 100 Clay Chips Chips for your husband!

Coins for the World Cup 2018: Types of Coins, Where to Buy and How Much They Cost

The Central Bank issued commemorative coins for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This uncommon event causes close attention not only among the inhabitants of our country, but also of the whole world.

Coins for the World Cup 2018

Such sports events are always accompanied by a large influx of tourists who want not only to watch the games of their football teams, but also to keep something to remember the bright event. And what may be better suited for such a case than buying valuable coins with a thematic image. This become a collectible items for people who strongly fans of this coin, either a collector or some online gambling player, usually we called Sportsbook.

And, of course, the release of a specialized series of coins will not leave indifferent numismatists. In addition to coins, the Bank of Russia issued a vertical and fully polymer 100-ruble banknote on May 22, 2018. The circulation of bills is limited, as it is intended as a souvenir.

Recall that the sporting battles of the football championship will be held in the arenas of 11 Russian cities. The grand opening of the championship and the final part of the sporting event will take place at the metropolitan stadium in Luzhniki. Semifinal matches will take St. Petersburg and Moscow.

It is the cities and their symbols that are depicted on investment and memorable banknotes. And of course in the center of the picture: the figures of football players and the FIFA Cup itself, for which the strongest teams of the world will fight.

By the way, Alfa Bank – the official representative of FIFA, offers interesting cards, both debit and credit, dedicated to this event. FIFA Alfa Bank cards allow you to save points that can be redeemed for FIFA 2018 World Cup tickets, as well as sports accessories and prizes, or for money.

Coin Release Information
To the sporting event, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued coins for the 2018 World Cup to the following types:

  • investment – coins made of gold and silver with the image of the FIFA Cup;
  • commemorative of precious metals – coins are divided into two series: Confederations Cup and World Championship. Made of gold and silver;
  • commemorative of non-precious metals – coins made of copper-nickel alloy, part of the coins issued in limited edition in a special design with a color image. All coins feature the FIFA World Cup.

All coins on the obverse indicate the year 2018, except for those devoted to the Confederations Cup – “2017” is applied on their surface.

Investment coins


Investment coin The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia made of gold in its physical parameters is completely identical to the investment coin George the Victorious:

  • face value – 50 rubles;
  • quality – uncirculated (AC);
  • metal – gold 999/1000;
  • total mass of the coin – 7.89 g;
  • content of chemically pure metal 7.78 g;
  • diameter – 22.6 mm, thickness – 1.6 mm;
  • catalog number: 5216-0112;
  • Release date: 12/21/2016.

On the reverse of the coin is the relief Cup of the FIFA World Cup, and on the right is the inscription in five lines: “FIFA WORLD FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 IN RUSSIA”.

On the obverse of the coin is the emblem of Russia with a semicircular inscription: Russian Federation. The parameters of the coin (metal, denomination, standard, issuer) are also indicated. Year of manufacture specified 2018.

The coin was manufactured at the St. Petersburg Mint (SPMD), with a circulation of 100,000. It is also similar in physical terms with the Belarusian investment coin Slavyanka.


Silver Coin Football 2018 is identical to the silver coin George the Victorious and differs only in the image:

  • face value – 3 rubles;
  • quality – uncirculated (AC);
  • metal – silver 999/1000;
  • total mass of the coin – 31.50 g;
  • the content of chemically pure metal 31.1 g;
  • diameter – 39 mm, thickness – 3.1 mm;
  • catalog number: 5111-0349;
  • Release date – 12/21/2016.

Silver and gold investment coin images are the same.

Investment coins issued in honor of the World Cup 2018, look ordinary. Investment Olympic coins in honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 were much more interesting – rectangular, in the form of ingots.

Coins Football 2018 precious metals
Coins for the World Cup 2018 of precious metals were issued in two series: the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, in two metals: silver and gold, quality proof.

Confederations Cup
In honor of the Confederations Cup held in Russia in 2017, the Bank of Russia issued commemorative coins.

The coins are made by the St. Petersburg Mint. On the obverse are depicted: the denomination of the coin, the date – 2017, the physical characteristics, the trademark of the mint and the Russian national emblem.

On the back, according to the description of the Bank of Russia: “FIFA Confederations Cup against the background of an ornament consisting of elements reflecting Russian culture and folklore heritage, as well as the football world, at the bottom there is an inscription – FIFA 2017 CONFEDERATIONS CUP”

gold coin

A gold coin has the following characteristics:

  • face value – 50 rubles;
  • sample – 999;
  • the mass of the precious metal in purity is 7.78 g;
  • diameter is 22.6 mm;
  • catalog number 5216-0111;
  • release date – 12/21/2016;
  • circulation – 5,000 pieces.

Silver coin

A silver coin has the following characteristics:

  • face value – 3 rubles;
  • sample – 925;
  • the mass of the precious metal in purity is 31.1 g;
  • diameter is 39 mm;
  • catalog number 5111-0348;
  • release date – 12/21/2016;
  • circulation – 10,000 pieces.

Know Your Benefits of Being a Numismatic

There are many uses that can be obtained by pursuing the numismatic world (collection of historic currency). Start using psychologically to financial dividends. Interesting? What are the benefits of this unique hobby? First, to meet leisure time. By selecting, organizing, and arranging collections into albums, spare periods are not wasted.

Second, to teach discipline and perseverance. Choosing, organizing, and assembling collections should not be carried out carelessly. The more disciplined and diligent, the more solid a numismatic in collecting.

Third, to increase knowledge (education). Many numismatics view currency as a valuable source of information to witness the images / events implied in the collection.

Fourth, to establish friendships (communication). Often a numismatic gets a collection by exchanging techniques with or gifts from pen pals through correspondence work.

Fifth, to bring proposals (inspiration). Through charming images, for example, an author or painter can produce quality work.

Sixth, to get financial or learning (economic) benefits. For the future period, the funds that we save will increase in price.

As an investment

The benefits above will be fulfilled if we have a good collection. A good numismatic collection lies in the completeness, authenticity, and situation of the object. The more comprehensive a series of currencies, the more quality collections. Especially if it’s truly native and the conditions are the best. However, completing the material was immeasurably difficult.

Never mind numismatic juniors, all of the seniors also felt the challenge. No exception those who really are thick. After all, that’s the art of collecting, it’s hard but has added value.

As an investment object that will submit multiple profits is the least necessary for all numismatics. Especially for those who collect as collectors and traders, dealers or investors.

If it is truly pure numismatic, economic use is not so cared for. A numismatic feels good if you already have a collection of different types of collections and series. The advantages of new collections are marketed to purchase different collections that he does not yet have.

How much dividends will be earned by saving Indonesian money? Measuring the value and price of old money in Indonesia is not as easy as assessing the value or price that has just circulated in the community. On the new money the nominal value is clearly stated.

This situation is very contradictory if a currency is useful as a collection object in the numismatic world. The price offered by the merchant will be higher than the nominal value. For example, R A Kartini’s pictorial paper money (Rp. 10,000 / 1985), when this is in an Unc / unicirculated situation, it costs about Rp. 30,000. In order not to fall, we can see it in the books on the currency catalog which are currently found on the market.

On the international market alone the Indonesian currency supply price indicates an encouraging trend. The prices of these collections feel a significant increase from year to year, though not too high. The most valuable is “fantastic” are some of the emergency funds in the URIPS / ORIPS region (Money / Oeang of the Republic of Indonesia, Sumatra Province).

Other money is also expensive, especially those which are unique and rare. Numismatic collections can be “savings for the future” because the price is never dropped.

Pretty number

Beautiful, unique and special numbers are also known in the paper money collection. These things started to get all numismatic attention since a number of years ago. This is because the collection of currency is relatively static, in the sense that the currency does not come out throughout the year like a stamp.

So to get something new in the collection of money while increasing the collection treasury, collecting paper money with unique serial numbers is the main choice. The serial number is in the funds that are still in circulation or that have not circulated anymore.

In the US the numismatic world has progressed so much. So the collectors often chase dollars with a special serial number for a long time. They dare to buy the collection at high prices. In Indonesia the rupiah money is worth a number of times, depending on the situation and privileges of the money.
Just an illustration, the Rp. 100 paper bill that is still valid and serial number 000001 is offered equivalent to Rp. 10,000 per share. The Rp. 1,000 note is still valid and serial number 123456 is offered Rp. 40,000 per share. Prices will increase if the paper money is no longer circulating in the market.

Six digits

Rupiah money serial numbers often consist of three letters followed by six digits (digits). It is located in the lower left element (black) and top right (red) on the back side of a collection. Exclusive numbers in all numismatic collections in the outline are divided into six categories.

First, the same sequence of numbers, for example 111111, 222222, and so on. All twin numbers six are felt special.

Second, the first row of numbers, for example 000001, 000002, and so on. From these figures the most special one is 000001.

Third, a number followed by a series of 0, for example 100000, 200000, and so on. All numbers feel special. Fourth, sequential numbers of numbers, both rising and falling, for example 123456, 876543, and so on. All numbers are also felt special.

Fifth, a line of numbers that reminds you of certain events, for example 170845 (the day of the proclamation of independence), 281028 (youth oath day), our birthday, and so on. All numbers are considered interesting, although not too special.

Sixth, a row of numbers that are felt interesting for each individual, for example 101010, 200002, and so on. These figures are also considered not too special.

In addition, all numismatics often pay attention to the line of letters in front of the serial number. These three letters can be interpreted as an abbreviation of words, depending on our imagination. Those words are often popular in the community. For example ABG … (New Children), United Nations … (United Nations), JFK … (John F Kennedy), and so on. That abbreviation can also be your own name or our family.

We are most fortunate to have a collection that is lettered and has a unique serial number, for example HPK170845. This abbreviation can be imagined the Independence Proclamation Day 17-08-45.

In Jakarta it is not too difficult to explore this collection. Some numismatic / philatelic shops or stalls often market beautiful numbered collections. A number of numismatics sometimes release their collections which are double to be exchanged for different collections that they do not yet have.

Coin forms

So is numismatic only about the collection of paper money? Yes no. This hobby must include collecting money in coin format.Generally the metal money (coins) you know is now in the form of a circle.

However, coins have a variety of types and shapes. The first form is irregular shape. This kind of “coin” is known in pre-history to the beginning of human civilization, but not only made of metal. Materials that are relatively durative and difficult to obtain, are then used as a kind of exchange device. These primitive money, among others, are created from stone, metal, animal skin, animal bones, animal teeth, shells, and nuts.

In ancient times, the format and thickness of coins was not important. In not a few countries, coins in the form of “weird” are the concern of all numismatics.

Continues to grow

Age continues to grow, coins also have a standard size. After that various geometry formats are created. But which format was present at the earliest, is still the subject of research by all experts.

In as many countries as there are not a few square or quadrilateral coins found. In order to appear not rigid, indentations are created at each corner. In the 16th to 19th centuries, quadrilateral coins were known between the Moghul (Indian), German and Scandinavian Empires. In more modern times, such coins existed in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines, Bangladesh, Poland and Colombia.

A rather unique form, in the form of a triangle, is known some time later. Such coins are rare because only a number of countries have legally issued them, between Gabon and the Cook Islands.

Coins that have few sides (polygons) are found in many parts of the world. It is thought that the oldest are from Augsburg (18th century, 8th side) The younger ones are from Belize (5-sided), Djibouti (6-sided), England (7-sided), Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Barbados, and Tonga (side-8), Afghanistan, Colombia and Dominica (side-10), as well as Kep Cook, Australia, and Seychelles (side-12).


Another form is corrugated coins. The number of waves contained in the side of the coin, usually different. It is estimated that a corrugated coin was issued to overcome the illiterate population. By calculating the protrusion on its side, it is desirable that residents will be able to recognize each coin format. Some of the corrugated coins were issued by Asian and African countries, because indeed the level of illiteracy is not small in the two continents.

Until now a number of countries still issue corrugated coins, including Israel, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Kep Cook. Until this time the oldest corrugated coins came from the time of the Moghul Empire.

Different forms that are relatively rare are circles with holes in the middle element. The shape of the hole is also a circle, but smaller. Your country in freedom has issued this type of coin.

Uniquely, a number of coins have a rather large hole, so the coin format seems slim. In fact, as many coins have a quadrilateral shaped hole. This is different from the general prevalence. It is difficult to guarantee why the government of a country publishes hollow coins. It is suspected that this business is to counteract counterfeiting and basic material savings or minimize weight.

The numismatic world in Indonesia in sophisticated times still seems monotonous. From the past until now, the forms of coins issued were still in the form of circles. So there is no evolution of form. This contrasts with the philately world. At first the form of stamps was merely 4-fold. However, due to the pressure of the philatelists, the government had issued stamps in the form of triangles, rhombus, pentagons and circles.

Instead, publishing coins is also adjusted to market tastes. Numismatics want a very different coin format. Hopefully it can be done in the near future.